Adobe MAX and motion tweens: a perfect combination, better than PB&J even

If you want to learn about new motion tweens in Flash, and you’re going to be at Adobe MAX, you’re in luck. I’ll be giving a short presentation as part of the QE team session, and we’ll be at the Flash birds of a feather session. This isn’t in the MAX session guide so I thought I’d blog about it so the two of you out there interested can read all about it.

More fascinating info after the jump.

Monday night the Flash team has two birds of a feather “Meet the Team” times, 8:30pm and 9:30pm. Team Tween is scheduled to at least be at the first of those two sessions, at the 8:30pm one. We’ll be there to answer your tween questions and whatever else that pertains to motion. No dancing or pantomime, though (unless it helps explain some kind of tweening question or whatever).

Next, a session where you will need the strongest of coffee — 9:00am on Tuesday. I’ll be covering how to use eases (in the Motion Editor) to create animation. For example, using a Random ease to create a position tween instead of having to create a million keyframes or code. I ended up using it all the time to create some pretty neat effects in next to no time. And if you’re unsure about the Motion Editor you can watch me use it. You’ll also get to hear from smarter QEs about more new stuff in Flash: 3D, IK, and the Deco tool. Lots of reasons to get up early, indeed. Hope to see you there.

So that’s Monday night at 8:30pm and Tuesday morning at 9:00am.

There are other sessions on motion tweens during MAX, outlined in your session guide.

And for the two of you keeping track, I hope to live-blog the Monday general session yet again — and the Tuesday general session if I’m allowed in.

And if you haven’t read it yet, check out John Mayhew’s dissertation on all things Motion tween XML, in this most excellent first blog post here.

That’s all, as you were.

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