Animation Learning Guide released on Flash Dev Center

It took awhile to produce this due to its length (over 80 pages in word I think), but the Animation Learning Guide for new motion (introduced in Flash CS4 last fall) is finally out:

It is divided into a bunch of sections based on topic, so click from this page to the topic you want to learn about. Also note that there is a FLA download of samples to help you out.

For more information on whatever, let us know. If you’re upgrading from classic tweens to new tweens, check this other article out too.

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  • This should be a useful guide to any one starting out in animation. I think I need some lessons as well.

  • Teacher in NC says:

    I am trying to use your Learning Guide with my students but several of the files will not open – receiving a message saying access denied. Please advise. Thank you.

  • Jen deHaan says:

    Hi Teacher in NC,
    I’m not sure why you are seeing that message. I assume you have each downloaded, unzipped, and are opening the decompressed FLAs in CS4 from local hard drives (not across a shared network)?

  • rasool says:


  • ez says:

    I still need to use classic tweening once in awhile but I am having an issue I cannot resolve. The classics tweens work fine but if I ever use the free transform tool and move the rotation center out of the actual center (say I want to rotate an arm from the shoulder) — the tween automatically jumps all over following as if following how I moved the f.transform center. It will not follow the intended motion even though the starting and end positions are correct. Has anyone seen this or have any ideas what I’m doing or not doing?

  • Jen deHaan says:

    @ez: Modifying classic tweens can be tricky. It sounds like some of the transform points are out of sync. To make sure the tween doesn’t get jumpy, you have to make sure all the transform points are in the same spot on each instance (as the transform point does not animate).

    Hope this helps,

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