Flash Player 10 Update for Flash CS4 Professional

New browser and standalone Flash Player downloads to use with Flash CS4. This will update the player you use when you publish preview in HTML or debug.

From adobe.com:

The update replaces the Debug and Release versions of Flash Player 10 browser plugins and standalone players that are included in the initial release of Flash CS4 Professional (player version All users are encouraged to apply this update. These new players are version

More information, and download them here:

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  • Héctor says:

    I’ve read about the new wmodeGPU property. Is it possible to directly use it under Flash CS4 without getting errors? I know it can be done using array-access notation, but I’d prefer to use dot notation if possible.

  • matilda says:


    I need help with some actionscript!;)

    my slideshow is almost workin but i am getting an error message saying:

    1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before SimpleButton.

    Here is what my code looks like:

    //next button

    //last button

  • abigail cruz says:

    ojalas resulte

  • KroooS says:

    Before that i want to know whether the Script is under AS3/AS2, Your script is entirely confused one, learn properly and as ur Doubt…!!!

  • KroooS says:

    As3 should not support AS2 code because AVM is differ from AS2 to AS3,

  • Ahmed Shafici says:

    i have difficalt to donwload

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