Go download Flash Player 10 update for Flash CS4

If you bought Flash CS4 already, you might want to check out the Flash CS4 updater for Flash Player 10. You can read about it, and download the installer, here:

Adobe Flash Player 10 Update for Flash CS4 Professional

What is it for? I quote “The update replaces the Debug and Release versions of Flash Player 10 browser plugins, standalone players, and Test Movie players that are included in the initial release of Flash CS4 Professional (player version All users are encouraged to apply this update. These new players are version”

UPDATE: Please note that the original release notes for this updater noted test movie players, however test movie players are not updated with this update. See comments below.

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  • Dear Jen,
    Thank you for the info about the updater. I would never have known. I have run into a problem with the updater, though. It doesn’t seem to change the Test Player in the Flash CS4 IDE and I don’t know what to do about it. The problem is hard to notice unless one works with 3D where there are very significant differences between the two versions. For example,
    in the file:
    the coordinates below the cube are displayed in pixels in FP and in units of 20 pixels in FP
    How do I replace the Test Player?
    Your grateful reader,
    P.S. Flash and Math is and will forever remain grateful to you!

  • Jen deHaan says:

    Hi Barbara,

    I’m very grateful for your site too! It is an *excellent* resource for the community.

    I had to look into the test movie player issue — I couldn’t find anything in the ZIP file that updated the test movie player, and noticed that the sites were saying that it should be updated. Confusing indeed. So I looked into it with the team, and it doesn’t seem like we’re updating them (the pages on adobe.com that say test movie is updated should be changed to reflect that soon). Sorry 🙁

  • Dimitar says:

    I have the same problem here. Can you tell me when adobe will fix that?

  • Dimitar says:

    I think though that’s just a bug in displaying cause I removed all the content in the Players folder and put new one in there. So in my opinion there’s not physical possibility to get and use the old player for testing.

  • away4m says:

    after update seems that different player cs4 have in debug mode and relase mode…

    in debug ctr+shift+enter Capabilities.version trace out WIN WIN 10,0,12,36

    in release ctrl + enter Capabilities.version trace out WIN 10,0,2,54

    i don’t know flash cs4 where it locate old player …

  • Jen deHaan says:

    @away4m: In the comment above, the test movie players are not changed with this updater. Sorry about that. I just updated the original blog post so it’s more obvious.

  • Hi Everyone,
    The only difference that I noticed between the two versions of the Player is in the way the method “transformVector” of the Matrix3D class works. To bypass this issue, I use “deltaTransformVector” instead. The latter method works the same in both versions and solved all my problems.
    Best greetings to all,

  • aylin herrewra gutierrez says:

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