How to track what visitors search for on a WordPress site

When writing blog posts, it is very useful to track what keywords your users are searching for and whether they got any results. One helpful plugin is Search Meter. Using this plugin, you can discover what your visitors search for, and then create new posts on these subjects if you do not already have the content on your website.

How to install Search Meter

  • Select Plugins > Add New in the WordPress Admin.
  • Click Install, confirm the install procedure, and then Activate the plugin.
  • Access settings in Settings > Search Meter.

You can choose who to display the statistics to, whether to retain detailed information, and more.

How to run reports

To see a report of recent searches go to Dashboard > Search Meter. Here you will see several columns of search results: Yesterday and today, Last 7 days, Last 30 days — as well as a section for unsuccessful search summary which shows only the search terms for which the last search yielded no results.

Search Meter WordPress dashboard

In addition to the search summaries there are also tabs at the top which show the date/time, search term, and number of results for the last 100 and 500 user searches. You can access these results using tabs near the top of the page.

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